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Disassembly & Part Inspection

After the initial paperwork and inspections are complete, we move on to the disassembly of your car. We inspect each part as it’s removed and make checklists and notes. This is an area where you designate how you want your car built. It’s completely up to you what type of parts you want on your build – reproduction, NOS, original, or we can try to save what you have. We will always offer our opinion and best professional advice, but in the end it’s your car, so it’s your decision.

Chemical Stripping (Dipping)

Your car will be chemically dipped to remove all the paint and gunk that has built up. We will end up with a bare metal shell that will reveal just how little or how much metal repair needs to be completed. This process isn’t always necessary, each specific project designates it’s own needs.


This is where the magic starts. Every inch of rusted, dented, or cracked metal gets repaired or replaced. This is an extremely important step in the restoration process. In order for the body and paint work to be flawless, the metal work needs to be precise. It took us ten years to find the right guys, with the right amount of skill, artistry and care, but we did. This isn’t just a welder’s job, this is an artisan’s job.

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