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With cars in his blood, and muscle cars at his core, it's no secret this is what Andrew White was born to do.

Andrew and his wife, Megan, have participated in the car hobby for most of their lives, be it restoring, modifying, racing, cruising or just plain ogling. Whether it be an American muscle car or a modern high performance specialty car, their philosophy has remained steady, respect. Respect that American muscle car for what it was and what it still is in today’s world. Respect that modern sports car for what it is and what it’s trying to do. Respect the hobby, for it takes an army of enthusiasts to keep it alive.

Andrew’s interest in auto mechanics and restoration started with his father, who started out as a dealership tech and quickly moved up the ranks. He eventually founded what grew to be one of the largest restoration companies in the country. Essentially, Andrew grew up in that shop, working his way up from a tech to the shop manager and talk started of ownership. During those years, Megan entered the picture and joined the family business as an extra for advertising and graphics requirements. Eventually, Megan was full time and had taken control of the office, as well as transformed the inner workings of the shop’s restoration documentation. With over 40,000 square feet, and at some times 30+ employees, this was no small shop. Andrew, his father, and the crew there continually pushed the envelope of what good enough was, and they were extremely successful in setting the bar.

Late 2007, the family business that Andrew had grown up in, stopped cold. He grew up fast to rush to the aid of all the projects in the shop. The last thing he wanted was anyone to lose anything or be mistreated. So while the shop that he loved was crumbling, he spent more than 14 hours a day, gathering projects and making phone calls, and trying to protect what belonged to others…

A lot of gossip has worked its way through the collector car industry about the meltdown that temporarily paralyzed their goals, some of it’s true and some not. Either way, Andrew and Megan picked themselves back up after the cleanup and moved on.

They reconstructed what had been important and started over, small. They chose to leave that facility and now operate a small restoration company located just 10 minutes from their former home. They hired a few of the staples from their former team and went back to the basics… restoring cars for those that love them, and doing it at the highest level.

Now, over 15 years later, they've restored some of the rarest muscle cars in the world, won award after award, had their projects featured in national magazines, and continued to rise up in the industry. They work with some of the most prestigious collectors in the industry, helping to build collections that sparkle and make you drool. 

Their dedication to quality and communication is like no other. They're dedicated to turning out their best work, using the best possible materials, to provide you with a show stopping, long lasting investment.

The choice is easy. Choose Apex. 

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